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Published on April 10th, 2012 | by Saransh Sharma


Titanic: 100 orbits around the Sun later


This day marks exactly 100 years since RMS Titanic sank to its icy depths in the Atlantic. It set sail to New York City(USA) from Southampton(England) with 885 crew and 1317 passengers and sank 5 days later. With just 710 survivors, 1517 people lost their lives.

A first class ticket aboard the Titanic would cost 70,000$(in 2012 money) or 3500000 Indian Rupees. When it sank it took down 12 of the worlds richest men with her.

Titanic remains as the most famous shipwrecks in history but it isn’t the deadliest but the worst recorded losses of life at sea came at the end of the Second World War. The sinking of German ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff by Soviet submarine S-13 resulting in the deaths of 9,343 men, women and children remains as the deadliest maritime disaster. Another German ship MV Goya sunk by a Soviet submarine took down another 7000-8000 civilians.

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  1. Atin Agnihotri says:

    This reminds us that we are way behind mastering the nature

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