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Published on August 5th, 2012 | by Saransh Sharma


Capturing screenshots in Windows 8

For Windows 7, Vista, XP and before..

For Windows 7 and earlier(windows) capturing screenshot without a third party tool was a 3 step process:

1) Press ‘print screen’ on your keyboard to capture a screenshot.

2) Open Paint and press ‘Ctrl + v’ to paste your screenshot.

3.) Save your screenshot.

As this was too much of a pain I have been using a tool called F.R.A.P.S from past few years for all my screenshoting needs. This tool makes capturing screenshots 1 step job(just as it should be). Once you install the program, every time you press F10, it automatically captures and stores screenshots in a pre specified folder. Both, the screenshot capture key and the default save position can be changed if you like. Click here to download it from the official website.

Unfortunately as of now( August 2012), F.R.A.P.S doesn’t work in Windows 8.

But, Windows 8 natively supports quick screen shot ability!

For screen capture in Windows 8:

Simply press ‘Win Key + print screen’.

Your screenshots will automatically be  saved as a PNG file in your C:Users(user-name)Pictures folder and Pictures library folder.

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