Avoiding Google’s forceful Google+ upgrade

Google is being evil. Anyone who hasn’t already created(or has deleted) a Google+ account, is now being forced into one by a ‘upgrade’ to their account. Now there are many reasons why you may not want a Google+ account. No body is a fan of forced upgrades. I am in no mood of another online social network. Google is primarily an advertisement company. I don’t think it’s a good idea to give all your info to a company whose primary source of income is via you personal information.  I have been a fan of Google products and services since the time it was underestimated to be just a “a one-trick pony” in the early 2000s..but since they dropped the motto ‘Don’t be Evil’ they have become kind of naughty..

So basically in an attempt to inflate the number of users on Google+, Google has severely reduced the functionality of YouTube till such time you give in and ‘upgrade’ to Google+. Thankfully there is way out.


YouTube users who aren’t interested in a forced upgrade to Google+ can do this:



2 Comments Avoiding Google’s forceful Google+ upgrade

  1. Aminulislam333@gmail.com'A. I. Sajib

    Sooner or later everyone will find their way into Google+, willingly or unwillingly. And you can learn more why this is bound to happen on WSJ. online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324731304578193781852024980.html?mod=rss_Technology

    1. saransh-sharma@outlook.com'Saransh Sharma

      Ya I remember reading that during research. I don’t have much problem with Google+, in fact I was a very early adopter..but I don’t like the way Google is almost crippling its services till such time you hop onto Google+.


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