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Published on January 30th, 2013 | by Saransh Sharma


Setting up mail on Android

For some reason, configuring mail on android isn’t as straight forward as it should be. Here’s a quick guide with screenshots to help you along.

Step 1 ) Open Email app and enter your ID and password:

Go to the your app drawer, find and open the android Email app(not the native Gmail client) and sign in.


Step 2 ) Select Exchange:


Step 3 ) Configure the setting for the exchange server:

The android Email app will fail to auto configure the settings so they will have to be done manually. The following screenshot and the subsequent table show what values need to be filled in the fields so that your android device can talk to the exchange servers.






Enter your full email ID



Enter your email password


In case the setup fails with, try again with each of the following without altering any other fields: OR

Use secure connection

Check this box


Accept all SSL certificates

Check this box





If successful, you will get the following screens:




NOTE: If Microsoft exchange refuses to accept your setting even after you did everything right OR if you have a outlook account which was originally a or account and was renamed by you after outlook mail was launched in 2012 then the following could work:

1.) Go to your app drawer, open ‘Settings’, you would find the ‘Accounts’ section.

2.) Select ‘Add account’, select ‘Corporate’

3.) Now, repeat the above steps listed above.

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7 Responses to Setting up mail on Android

  1. A. I. Sajib says:

    Good one. I like for its interface though it’s still slower than Gmail.

    • I love’s interface and I never really noticed it being slower then Gmail. I also am a fan of custom rules the user can define so that mail will automatically organize it self into the folders you want it to go in.

  2. JS says:

    Thanks! worked brilliantly 😀

  3. Patrick Carini says:

    Hi I tried these settings a few months ago howevere reverted back to pop account setup as there appeared to be no html support for incoming mail and plain text was not an option in todays inbox. Any advice on whether this is still the case or workarounds in progress?

  4. A A says:

    Thanks worked like a charm!

  5. R Genius says:

    Thanks this was really helpfull

  6. ramesh dhabe says:

    thanks for submitting IMP info.

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