What is Hackintosh?

Mac OS X is the Operating System(OS) that runs on Apple’s laptops and desktops. Its a UNIX based OS, but unlike other UNIX based desktop Operating Systems(e.g. Ubuntu,Fedora and hundreds of others), if you attempt to stick a Mac OS X installation disk into any computer that isn’t made by Apple, it simply won’t work…. Continue reading

Understanding Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors and Motherboard chipsets.

Names like Nehalem, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge,H61,H67,P67,Z68 can be daunting to look and understand. This article hopes to ease the confusion. A.) The Processors: 01.) Intel First Generation Core processors (year 2008-2010): The Intel i3/i5/i7 chips released from 2008 to 2010 using the 45-nanometer manufacturing process. Almost all of these are off the market, thus… Continue reading