iPhone 5 – not bad, but boring!

What’s changed? Not a lot. + The Good: Thinner and lighter (it’s not thinnest smartphone) Panorama LTE A6 (I’m quite sure its not A15 architecture) 1GB RAM (tbc) 720p front facing camera More improved touchscreen and display(wont work with gloves on, unlike Lumia 920) And most important they finally got rid of stupid glass. -The… Continue reading

Road to Mango (WP7.5)

Initially I was on 7392 update. In order to get to mango WP7 needs another update first, the 7403. This is a post NoDo fix. In case your phone hasn’t received the mango update yet, ill soon post a guide into how i tricked it into updating me to mango.(i couldn’t wait another week :p)