iPhone 5 – not bad, but boring!

What’s changed? Not a lot. + The Good: Thinner and lighter (it’s not thinnest smartphone) Panorama LTE A6 (I’m quite sure its not A15 architecture) 1GB RAM (tbc) 720p front facing camera More improved touchscreen and display(wont work with gloves on, unlike Lumia 920) And most important they finally got rid of stupid glass. -The… Continue reading

Setting up SkyDrive (free cloud storage from Microsoft)

What is SkyDrive? (Skip to the Next section, if you know what it is) SkyDrive is free online storage provided by Microsoft. All your important/favorite documents, videos, photos, notes can now be accessed by you from anywhere on any device(any PC, Mac, Tablet, Phone). With SkyDrive you can gain true device independence. So that your… Continue reading