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‘God did it!’ approach to the Universe and its mysteries

I’ve noticed a lot of people somehow see God as a “magical default.” That is, unless there is no natural explanation available for a phenomenon OR even if all the evidence in the world is available for a naturalistic explanation, but they are either unaware of it or never really understood it is simply assumed …

Astrology is NOT science!

I have come across a shockingly high number of reasonably educated and intelligent Indians who happen to buy into the belief that ‘astrology is a science’. This article hopes to show otherwise. Last night this was thrown at me again. I am tired of going over the same thing over and over again so from …

You never know what they will say next.. 001

This series will be based upon experiences of debating theists. I like Hitchens’s line, “you never know what they’re going to say next…” Although I make it a point not get into any such debate with any philosophically unsophisticated theist, but in the face of spectacular absurdity one can’t help but say something.